• 'Steine View Brighton Royal Palace - Engraved, Printed & Published by J. Bruce, Brighton - circa 1824' - Private Collection.

    The Old Steyne was originally an open green with a stream running adjacent to the easternmost dwelling of Brighthelmstone. The area was used by local fishermen to lay out and dry their nets. When Brighton started to become fashionable in the late 18th century, the area became the centre for visitors. Buildings around the area started in 1760 and railings started to appear around the green area in 1770's, reducing it's size. This continued throughout the 19th century. The eastern lawns of the Royal Pavilion were also originally part of the Old Steine.

    Steine View Brighton Royal Palace

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  • 'Chain Pier at Brighton during the Late Tempest - Drawn & Engraved by J. Bruce, Brighton - November 23rd 1824'. Private Collection.

    The Brighton Chain Pier was built during 1822 & 1823. It was 350 yards long, thirteen feet wide and was a bridge between the cliff wall and four towers. It withheld strong weather until 4th December 1896 when it collapsed into the sea and onto the beach during a storm. The railings were made into pokers and the wood into picture frames.

    Chain Pier at Brighton during the Late Tempest

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