• 'Musical Mousers' - London: Printed & Published April 1, 1828 for the Proprietor, by Engelmann, Graf, Coindel & Co. 92, Dean St. Soho. Engraved Print from a Private Collection.

    The original print was a lithograph.

    Musical Mousers

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  • Black Cats - Watercolour initialled F.A.M. dated 1918 - Private Collection.

    Across Europe there are plenty of tales about black cats being lucky for sailers. Having them on board was believed to ensure a safe journey and return. The families of those at sea would often also keep them at home as a good omen for their loved ones.

    Black Cats

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  • 'Cat And The Mice' Drawn and engraved by Sameul Howitt circa 1820 - Private Collection.

    Cat And The Mice

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  • 'Isse, Mat and the Cat ( The Duet )' - A monotype by Jane Eaton - Email: chocolatedoglady@hotmail.com - Private Collection.

    Isse, Mat and the Cat (The Duet)

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  • 'Spainish Cat' - circa 1800 - Private Collection.

    Spanish Cat

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  • Tabby Cat - Engraved print circa 1830. Private Collection.

    The original print was a lithograph.

    Tabby Cat

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