If you can, go and tour the roof of Dyrham House near Bath

Dyrham House, a National Trust property near Bath, is having a new roof. It took 5 men 3.5 months to erect this amazing scaffolding to enable the repairs to take place. Now the public can either climb the stairs to the roof or take a lift to view the work as it progresses. You will be lent a hard hat and dayglow jacket if you go by lift. There are great views of the park once you get there.

Dyrham front of house

Here is the front of the house

Dyrham roof 4

On the roof!

Dyrham roof 6

Looking down at the garden

Dyrham roof 7

Dyrham scaffolding 1


There are about 80 new fawns in the Park too. They are really enchanting and very tiny.

Dyrham deer

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