Ice and Flowers

Here we are deep in snow. Bath is looking lovely albeit it is almost impossible to go anywhere and it is really treacherous on foot. 3 cars were completely stuck in our lane this morning. The ice is like glass.

One can really imagine what Georgian Bath was like when all the cars are covered in snow and there is no moving traffic. I met a lady, who was 95 years old and had lived in Bath all her life. She told me, when she was a little girl, she used to skate on the canal for several weeks in the winter. There are many prints of skaters enjoying the ice. The one below is called ‘Le Supreme Bon Ton, No 9’ which was published circa 1810. We sell this as a card and it’s code no is C206.

However there are lots of bulbs poking up through the snow and before long the snowdrops will be out. We have seen some at Iford Manor near Bath already this year.

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