Caroline, Princess of Wales 1795

Caroline, Princess of Wales

Caroline, Princess of Wales

C114 – card design – Caroline Princes of Wales published 1795

What a dress! This print is dated 1795. The Prince of Wales married his 27 year old German cousin Caroline (the daughter of George III’s sister Augusta and the Duke of Brunswick) on 5th April 1795. I wonder if this was her wedding dress.

It was not a happy marriage. Although she was said to be blonde, small and quite pretty with nice eyes she was considered rather wild and vulgar. She was also not the most fastidious when it came to cleanliness. However within 9 months she gave birth to a daughter.

She left England to tour the continent and led a free and enjoyable life until her father in law died in 1820. She then returned to England to take up her place as Queen of England. She was very popular with the public and many had sympathy for her situation. George had never given up his true love, Mrs Fitzherbert.

The now George IV did not want Caroline as his queen and gathered evidence about her so called adulteries. Data was collected and a three month trial followed to try and prove her infidelities. When questioned about the adultery she replied she ‘had committed adultery once, but with the husband of Mrs Fitzherbert’. The bill was thrown out and the King did not get his divorce. However George did arrange for her to be turned away from the Coronation when she tried to attend. She died age 53 on 7th August 1821 only 3 weeks after her husband’s Coronation.

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