September is the start of the harvest and after such a wonderful summer we have bumper crops to gather. I have been bottling plums using a recipe a friend has given me. Plum Compote Cook 1kg of plums with 200gms dark brown sugar, 100ml water, 1 cinnamon stick and 4-5 whole star anise. When cooked add 1 tabs of cornflour blended with 2 tabs cold water and 3 tabs of balsamic vinegar and then bottle in a sterilised jar. They will keep for up to a month in the fridge or you can freeze them. We have a James Grieve and a Bramley apple tree in our garden. The James Grieve’s apples are yellow with a flash of pink and taste lovely but bruise very easily. The Bramleys are great cooking apples and I especially like baking them stuffed with raisins which have been soaked overnight in Calvados.

I designed a wrapping paper/poster depicting older varieties of apples. The head gardener at wonderful Snowshill Manor gave me permission to photograph apples collected for their Apple Day. Look out for Apple Days near you. They really are a great out. There are over 6,000 named varieties recorded in the UK. Some of these have different local names but are the same variety but it still means there are an awful lot of apples! (We produce an apple greeting card and gift tag too.)

WP201 catalogue

As I live in Bath I cannot help but mention the Beauty of Bath apple. It was first propagated by George Cooling’s nursery  in 1864 which is near my home. It was awarded an RHS first class certificate in the Royal Jubilee year of 1887. It is a lovely rosy colour and  in the spring has pretty pink blossom. I came across this wonderful print called ‘The Amiable Fruiterer’ which I have had printed as a card. It is such a quirky title. It will be available from next week. The print was published circa 1820 by P & P Gally.  I think it has a companion print called ‘The Charming Florist’. I love the oriental boat and little bridge. You can see the big Georgian house high above the lake in the background.

The Amiable Fruiterer

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  1. Hilary Potter says:

    Do you have a copy of the apple varies wrapping paper that I could buy to use to attract people to sign up for a community orchard project?

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